Highest Paid NFL Players on Every Team

The Kansas City chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are teams built in different ways. They both rely on traders and free agency to get things done. That is the common theme between the two participants. It is important to note the most paid players who shine on the stages of the games grandest. This article will highlight 10 highest paid players in the NFL super Bowl focusing on their average salaries.

Jimmy Garoppolo, Quarterback, San Francisco

The 49ers signed Garoppolo back in February 2018 with a $ 137.5 million deal and this caught many people by surprise. His career started with seven games in his first four NFL seasons. His initial campaign with the San Francisco was of a major overreach after starting with 5-0. He is now a starter for the 49ers and is helping the team to its sixth Super Bowl title. Back then, he was the only quarterback ranked among the best five in completion percentage, passing touchdowns and yards per attempts. He earns an average salary of $ 27.5 million per year. Jimmy Garoppolo ranks 15th in terms of his contract among quarterbacks of a cap hit this season before he finds himself among the top five in the next season.

Frank Clark, Edge, Kansas City Chiefs

Clark, 26 years, old has recorded five sacks and nine quarterback hits over the last four games. The Kansas City signed him to a five-year, $ 104 million deal along with $ 43.8 million guaranteed at signing. That ranks second among NFL defensive ends in terms of the average annual salary of $ 20.8 million.

Tyreek Hill, Wide Receiver, Kansas
City Chiefs

Hill has multiple run-ins with the law and several allegations of child abuse. That is something of the past but it limited his receivers to a three-year, $ 54 million deal and a guaranteed $ 22.54million on signing. He is averaging 9 touchdowns, and 73 receptions for 1,174 yards over the last three seasons. Hill receives an average annual salary of $ 18.0 million.


Dee Ford, Edge, San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers paid a big amount to acquire Ford. They signed him
to a five-year, $ 5.5 million deal. His presence has brought mixed results in
San Francisco. Under Ford’s deal, San Francisco can get $ 4.8 million dead cap hit after the upcoming season. His current average salary is $ 17.1 million. 

Sammy Watkins, Wide Receiver, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City handed a three-year, $ 48 million deal in march 2018. In two seasons, he is averaging 46 receptions for less than 600 yards. Among the NFL receivers, his annual average salary of $16 million ranks ninth

Tyrann Mathieu, Safety, Kansas City

The chiefs signed Mathieu to a three-year, $ 42 million deal back in march. He remains one of the most underrated players in Super Bowl. His annual average salary is $ 14.0 million.

Joe Staley, Offensive Tackle, San
Francisco 49ers

His average annual salary is $14.0 million. The 49ers signed him to a two-year, $ 28 million deal. Staley has always stood with the 49ers through thin and thick. They selected him in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft when they were in major rebuilding. Staley is the fourth highest-paid left tackle despite his advanced age of 35.

Kwon Alexander, Linebacker, San
Francisco 49ers

He was once for the 49ers in free agency. With Fred Warner, Dre Greenlaw, and Alexander together in the field, they boost the teams’ linebacker. Alexander earns an average annual salary of $13.5 million.

Eric Fisher, Offensive Tackle, Kansas City Chiefs

In 2018, fisher earned a Pro Bowl trip. This was before he missed the half of the previous regular season to injury. His average annual salary is $12.0 million.

In this article, we stated the average annual salaries for the players starting with the highest paid player to the lowest paid member of the team.

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