Nfl Power Rankings 2020: 49ers, City Chiefs maintain on top; Eagles, Cowboys, Steelers lead way-too-early risers

1. San Francisco 49ers

They have many promises with the Deebo. A year back, they were one of the most recognized teams in NFL after an aggressive off-season with their general manager John Lynch. This is a highly talented team to go for a playoff spot if the players remain healthy.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has led the team to winning league MVP honors and getting the AFC title game in the previous year. They had the same determination in 2019. They have had several additions as well as losses.

3. New Orleans Saints

The offseason can bring a lot of change for NFL teams. Latavius Murray is in to fill Ingram’s role and potentially replace Max Unger since the two are gone. Drew Brees will certainly be back for a complete football team.

4. Green Bay Packers

The Packers won six games in 2017. That was one of the team’s fewest victories in a decade. The season had some fall downs including firing of a longtime head coach Mike McCarthy and a fresh coach does not give them confidence in the coming year.

5. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens rank inside the top 15 according to analysts’ assessment of AFC North champions in 2019. Another one has them ranked outside the top 25. Lamar Jackson is the most talented in the game and has the abilities of leading the Ravens back to the top in AFC.

6. Philadelphia Eagles

After Carson Wentz suffered an injury, the Eagles had to turn to backup quarterback Nick Foles. Like any other club, they are well coached and battle-tested. Their hope lies on Wentz.

7. New England Patriots

The team lost its best edge-rusher Trey Flowers and Trent Brown to free agency. Tom Brady will probably be back in New England for the coming fall. Davenport ranked them atop in his power rankings just because they are the Patriots.

8. Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen is the player Buffalo Bills are missing to unseat the Patriots in the AFC East. They have won six games previously.

9. Minnesota Vikings

They were the No 1 team in NFL power rankings. That was according to the 2018 Bleacher Report. In 2018, they set a record of 8-7-1. Their 2019 expectations were greater than this. The Vikings are talented on both sides of the ball.

10. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have great aspirations of participating in the NFL Super Bowl every year but their aspirations for 2019 were high. They probably made the best team in the NFC East in 2019. In addition, they had one of the best defenses.

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