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If you are a American Football fan, we warmly welcome you to Nfleads Enthusiasts, the #1 provider of NFL and XFL information, performance gear, news, and sports equipment, and so much more! Please note that NFL and XFL are trademarks of their respective owners and do not belong to Nfleads Enthusiasts. We just provide information about the league and its participants.

Here at Nfleads Enthusiasts, we offer helpful, time-saving guides. We keep our focus on finding and testing the best gear to better our visitor’s football performance.

In order to find the best products for you, we test and analyze and also comb through thousands of articles, blogs, retailers, and other product databases. Our team then selects the very best among them for further research and internal testing.

About the Authors

We are Felix and Mark, and we are American Football enthusiasts (at heart) and players too. Having both played football at various levels, we understand the importance of sports performance gear, and training equipment.

Both of us played positions where grip and protection were paramount, making gloves and shoulder pads our favorite performance football gear. Since we both collect various football-related gear and accessories, we have become highly knowledgeable about everything surrounding American Football, and we enjoy sharing our insights with others.

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Our goal: We strive to save you time and money by giving you the best product advice. We help thousands of people every month with our product guides.

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