8 Best Football Helmets for Linebackers

Football is a popular sport among kids, adults, and youths because football leagues happening every time motivate most people to begin their football career at a young age. A jersey, a pair of cleats, a pair of football shoulder pads, and a helmet are vital protective gear every player needs.

Football is a challenging game, and a single blow in the head can lead to severe injuries. Safety should be your primary concern when selecting the best helmet on the market. In this article, you will learn the best football helmets for linebackers to improve their safety and promote good performance.

1 Xenith Epic Plus

It is the most stylish helmet with unique features that rank it among the best football helmets for linebackers. It features a fit lock and fit band design that ensures maximum comfort and constant airflow inside the helmet.

The 12 ventilation holes help you stay cool, dry all through and prevent the gear from accumulating more dirt. The Xenith Epic Plus enhances maximum protection and comfort to the wearer through its unique padding.


  • Breathable
  • Maximum comfort
  • 14 facemask options
  • High level of safety
  • Less dirt accumulation
  • customized fit


  • Does not suit professional players

2 Riddell Precision Fit

It is the best helmet for players after high-quality products at high prices. It features a 3D technology that makes it one of the most popular helmets. For a custom fit, designers scan every player’s head size to ensure it fits well with your skull once you put it on.

There are maximum comfort and a high level of vision in the field due to the combined Riddell speed and speed flex technology to develop a unique design. Linebackers require extra safety from impacts and fumbles because they are also the most ball handlers. With the Riddell Precision Fit, there is 100% assurance of protection once you get in the field.


  • high vision
  • most durable
  • fit
  • high-quality design
  • maximum protection and comfort
  • proper ventilation


  • takes longer to deliver

3 Riddell Revolution

It is the most comfortable, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial helmet featuring an adjustable airliner for a customized fit. The inflatable jaw pads redirect any impacts from the helmet’s sides, and the outer shell comes with a 3-year warranty.

Besides, it has sizable ventilation holes for constant airflow and an over liner that wicks away moisture. Best football helmets for linebackers can offer maximum protection and comfort to the player, which is what the Riddell brand is after.


  • custom fit
  • comfortable
  • adequate comfort
  • breathable
  • easy to clean


  • mostly for youths

4 Schutt Vengeance Z10

It suits well with small head sizes but available in all sizes to fit well and offer maximum stability. The Schutt Vengeance Z10 features a lightweight material for more protection and freedom to run around the field without any additional weight.

Its faceguard is titanium and a SUREFIT airliner system on the side and back of the helmet. It is available in different sizes to suit players with varying sizes of head. Best football helmets for linebackers should have the ability to offer maximum protection against head collisions that might lead to severe brain injuries.


  • different size options
  • titanium faceguard
  • lightweight material
  • great view
  • adequate protection
  • more comfort


  • no real demerits

5 Riddell Victor

The design of this helmet is almost similar to that of the Speedflex helmet. It features a patented side impact protection to enhance safety and comfort to the player and a lightweight design to minimize sweat accumulation.

The inflatable airliner provides you with an adjustable fit, while the inflatable jaw pads enhance more comfort and protection. On the inside of the helmet is an over liner cloth that is easy to remove and clean.

Without the right helmet, going against the opponent would a problematic task for fear of head collisions. It is advisable to make wise decisions when selecting the best football helmets for linebackers. This is the Riddell brand’s newest helmet featuring an ABS plastic shell and an S2B facemask suitable for a beginner or any active position.


  • stylish look
  • durable
  • sturdy
  • lightweight
  • more comfortable
  • maximum protection
  • proper ventilation


  • high price

6 Schutt Recruit Hybrid

It features a strong combination of TPU cushioning and D30 technology on the side and back of the helmet to offer flexibility, less weight, and proper air circulation. It is easy to manage hygiene and heat due to its superior padding. The Schutt Recruit Hybrid has an adjustable face guard to fit several facemasks available.


  • lightweight
  • affordable price
  • highly flexible
  • proper ventilation
  • shock-absorbent padding
  • durable shell


  • does not include a facemask on purchase
  • limited sizes

7 Schutt DNA+ Pro

Its design is capable of opposing impacts from the opponent effectively. It includes TPU cushioning for maximum safety and a foam layer that wicks away moisture, especially when it is too hot.

The Air-Loc technology withholds air as you play while the wide surface on the visor gives you a high vision to observe all that is happening around you. Its material is light plus an ABS outer shell for extra safety against head collisions. The inner cushioning found in the Schutt DNA+ Pro keeps you ventilated while the attached SUREFIT liner enhances comfort and security.


  • high vision
  • lightweight
  • constant airflow
  • ability to manage heat and hygiene
  • more comfort and safety


  • no attached facemask
  • replacements parts are hard to find

8 Schutt Vengeance DCT

It is one of the best football helmets for linebackers with improved features to offer maximum comfort and protection. It includes a D30 cushioning system on the side and back of the helmet to absorb impacts and a TPU outer shell on the front for extra safety.

The lightweight plastic shell helps young players react to fewer crashes. It also consists of TPU jaw pads to provide excellent support and chin comfort while the adjustable twist and release system promotes a snug fit. It is available at an affordable price with a unique faceguard attachable to several facemasks.


  • durable
  • ideal heat and hygiene management
  • extra comfort and protection
  • equal weight distribution
  • versatile with several facemasks
  • highly breathable


  • faceguard sold separately

Safety Tips

Even though the best football helmets for linebackers must offer maximum protection in the field, you cannot oppose using your head as most defensive players do. It would be best if you had unique tactics to counter the opponent because head collisions might endanger you.

Players, especially linebackers, need more learning on handling tackles and dealing with the opponent. Some players think that they are 100% safe once they wear a football helmet, but it is not a piece of equipment you put on and conclude that you are secure.

Some players also believe so much in helmets with high ratings, with no idea that it can lead to concussions. Players need to learn to prioritize their security on the field because injuries can end your football career.

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