14 Best Football Facemasks and Shields 2023

It is essential to get the best football facemask that aligns with your protection needs and position. A thin piece of metal is the one thing that stands between your face and the opponent. The vital piece protects your face from the actions you encounter in the field. The best football facemasks control the risk of suffering severe damage to your teeth and facial bones. Its protection does not interfere with your field vision. So, what are some of the best football facemasks?

Best Football Facemasks and Shields

1.     Schutt Vengeance VROPO DW YF

It is among the most reliable football facemask featuring a carbon steel material. The steel material enhances maximum safety and a high level of sturdiness. Schutt Vengeance VROPO DW YF is highly durable with improved performance. It features an additional double-wire bar that provides additional protection to the eye areas and the nose. Also, it has an extended brow design to improve visibility and vision. This design has the ability to absorb strong impacts that result from front hits. Schutt Vengeance VROPO DW YF facemask suits different playing positions such as wide receivers, quarterbacks, and tight end.


  • Improved performance and confidence
  • Ability to absorb strong impacts
  • Versatile
  • Maximum safety
  • Improved vision
  • High level of sturdiness
  • durable


  • it features a heavy material

2.     Schutt DNA ROPO UB Varsity

A budget-friendly football facemask leaves a good impression on players. The facemask comes at an affordable price regardless of its durability and toughness. Schutt DNA ROPO UB Varsity facemask features high technology in its design. That makes it easy to attach your helmet using a visor. Made of carbon steel material, it is one of the most durable and the best football facemasks. It features a reinforced oral coverage design to meet the needs of different playing positions. Besides, it comes with a complete set of the things you need to attach it to the helmet. The facemask is a perfect match for the DNA Pro+ Elite helmets.


  • Meets the needs of different playing positions
  • Requires less time and effort to attach the helmet
  • Highly tough and durable
  • Quite affordable
  • Affordable price
  • Involves high technology


  • Slightly heavy

3.     Schutt Youth VEGOP II YF

It features a strong design to enhance maximum protection to the players’ faces. Its material consists of carbon steel to meet safety and performance standards. The design is durable and tough to meet the needs of different players playing for different positions. Schutt Youth VEGOP II YF has 13 different colors to help match your football jersey. It works best in connection with the Youth Vengeance helmet. In addition, the facemask comes at an affordable price.


  • Suits different playing positions
  • Unique design to offer facial protection
  • Strong overall construction
  • Affordable price
  • Available in 13 different colors
  • Maximum safety


  • A bit heavy

4.     Schutt VROPO DW STG

It offers a high level of satisfaction to players. Among the best football facemasks is the Schutt VROPO DW STG with the highest number of users. It features carbon steel material to provide a high level of protection. Also, it suits different playing positions such as tight ends, running backs, defensive ends, and wide receivers. The 17-bar configuration in the facemask is impressive as it prevents the opponents from penetrating their fingers on your face. The extended brow design helps boost your vision and ensures the mask can absorb impacts. Its design is distinctive to give you a standout look in the field.


  • Extensive brow for more visibility and security
  • Suits several football positions
  • Strong and great look
  • Affordable carbon steel
  • Includes a 17-bar configuration


  • Does not suit youth players

5.     Green Gridiron Riddell S2BD-SP

This features a durable and strong design to offer players with the optimum face protection they need. Also, the premium material guarantees maximum safety from facial impacts. The design is light making it the best football facemasks for players who hold the position of defensive and running backs. It features additional protection around the mouth and jaw. It comes with three configuration bars surrounding the mouth to ensure your opponents’ hand does not touch your face. Such functions do not compromise your vision in the field.


  • Maximum face protection
  • Lightweight
  • Features a premium carbon steel material
  • Offers protection to the areas surrounding the mouth and jaw
  • High tensile strength
  • Durable


  • Lacks the attachment hardware
  • Suits only Riddell helmets

6.     Green Gridiron Riddell CU-S2BD-S-BU-HS4

It is a customized football facemask with unique style most famous players like. It features a lightweight stain less steel wire. The facemask is more easy and manageable to use. It is compatible with adult and youth-sized helmets ranging from extra-large to small sizes. Manufacturers recommend this facemask for players who hold skilled positions like wide receivers, quarterbacks, and running backs.


  • Suitable for players holding skilled positions
  • Has the ability to increase your line of sight
  • Compatible with adult and youth-sized helmets
  • Lightweight
  • It is a customized facemask
  • Easy to use
  • High level of safety


  • High price
  • Does not include a quick-release hardware kit on purchase

7.     Gridiron Riddell Speedflex SF-2BD

Featuring stainless steel material, you will be satisfied with its lightness. It suits several positions in the field. Riddell SF-2BD enhances maximum protection to your face and mouth without limiting your field vision making it one of the best football facemasks for broken nose. Besides, it enhances improved vision and visibility. It has the ability to reduce forces of impact on your face. Its durability and solid build guarantees its position as one of the best football facemasks.


  • High level of safety to your face and mouth
  • Ideal for skilled position players
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and solid build
  • Enhances a wide range of vision
  • Less impacts


  • Difficult to attach the helmet using its visor

8.     Xenith Prowl

It is the best football facemasks for players after an open mask that will maintain clear vision in the field. Its design consists of carbon steel material for more strength. The strength helps the facemask withstand all forms of hit and collision. Manufacturers design Xenith Prowl to provide maximum protection and promote greater visibility. Its performance is efficient regardless of your position on the field. The polyethylene powder coating in the facemask improves and strengthens its durability. It is quite affordable and comes with different colors.


  • Durable
  • High level of strength
  • Improved visibility
  • Fits all positions
  • Can withstand hits and collision
  • Maximum safety


  • Only works with facemask and helmet clips from xenith

9.     Xenith XRS21

The carbon steel material used to design Xenith XRS21 promotes strength and durability. It suits all positions in the field although it works best with skilled position players. The mask has the ability to withstand tough use. Also, it grants you improved visibility in the field. Its style mostly suits the needs of varsity and youth players. It features a nylon powder coating to resist corrosion making it one of the best football facemasks for cold weather. The coating also improves the durability of the facemask. Xenith XRS21 comes in different colors to help match your football shoulder pads.


  • Promotes durability and strength
  • Has the ability to resist corrosion
  • Superior visibility
  • Highly versatile
  • Withstands tough use


  • Does not fit helmets from other brands

10. Rawling Youth EG

It is strong, tough, and durable. The Rawling youth EG features an impressive overall design alongside a double wire that enhances extra protection to your eyes and nose. The facemask is ideal for several playing positions including wide receivers, defensive line, defensive back, running back, and linebackers. It comes in a wide range of colors and this helps you choose a color based on your team or personal preferences. Also, it has an extra thick coating to improve durability. The facemask is not heavy to enhance flexibility.


  • Highly durable
  • Versatile
  • Offers maximum safety to the eyes
  • Strong, tough, and durable carbon steel
  • Comes in a wide range of colors


  • Does not include hardware attachment on purchase

11. Xenith Prime

It is suitable for football players for all ages looking for an open facemask that will maintain a clear vision in the field. Its design features carbon steel material to improve the strength of the facemask. With such strength, the facemask can withstand any form of hit and collision. Manufacturers design it with an aim of improving protection and visibility. It performs well in all field positions. In addition, Xenith Prime features a polyethylene powder coating that improves durability and enhances its strength. Also, it comes in a wide range of colors to help match your football girdles. In addition, the facemask includes all the hardware installation you need and easy instructions on how to attach.


  • Clear field vision
  • Durable and strong polyethylene powder coating
  • Versatile
  • Maximum strength
  • Can withstand hits and collision
  • Wide range of colors
  • Includes all installation hardware


  • Only compatible with facemask clips and helmets from Xenith

12. Riddell Speedflex SF-2EG-SW

It is a customized facemask made of stainless steel wire. This material makes it lightweight compared to those made of carbon steel. It is manageable and easier to use. Also, it is compatible with adult and youth-sized helmets. However, it only suits those holding skilled positions like wide receivers, quarterbacks, and running backs. The stainless steel features a thinner gauge to increase visibility.


  • Ideal for skilled positions
  • Improved visibility
  • Compatible with adult and youth-sized helmets
  • Lightweight
  • Customized facemask
  • Easier to use


  • Does not include a quick-release hardware kit on purchase
  • High price

13. Xenith XLN22

It is build to offer you with superior vision, strength, and durability. Xenith XLN22 features a versatile design to suit various positions. However, it best suits linebackers, offensive and defensive linemen. The lower bar present enhances more safety to your throat and chin. It is made of carbon steel material to assure durability and strength. Also, it has a powder coating of nylon to increase durability. The facemask comes in different colors and styles making it the best football facemask for stylish players.


  • Variety of colors and styles
  • Improved strength and durability
  • Maximum protection
  • Versatile
  • Superior vision
  • Does not corrode


  • Compacts with Xenith helmet only

14. Xenith Pursuit

The list of best football facemasks is not complete without Xenith Pursuit. It features carbon fiber construction that enhances durability and strength to the player. The extra polyethylene powder coating provides more strength while the opening on the eye region maintains a clear vision. Xenith pursuit comes with installation hardware on purchase alongside simple instructions to follow.


  • Comparable weight
  • Extra strength
  • Durability
  • Ability to fit all Xenith varsity or youth helmets
  • Includes installation hardware on purchase
  • High level of safety


  • No real demerits

Things to Consider Before You Purchase the Best Football Facemasks 

Purchasing the best football facemasks requires you to gain a clear understanding of its major components and function. It is also essential to access your special requirements depending on your position in the field. Here are some of the factors that will help in your final decision:


Your decision will highly depend on the type of material appropriate to your requirements. The best football facemasks features three standard materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium. Carbon steel is the most common option among football players. It is tough, durable, and comes at a lower price. However, compared to other materials, carbon steel is heavier.

If you need a lighter facemask with the ability to offer maximum protection, you will need to pay more. College professionals prefer the titanium type. Facemasks featuring this material are durable, lightweight, and strong. Ensure you make the right decision depending on your responsibilities and field position.

Intended Purpose

The choice you make must base on the specific purpose you wish your facemask to fulfill. One of the major roles is to enhance safety on the field. Your goal is to find a protective, tough, and durable facemask. Another purpose is to improve vision in the field. It is essential, especially when the ball gets lost due to overhead light or sun. Some facemasks act as sunglasses to boost your vision when your eyes get into contact with bright lights. You can also select a football facemask that features visible colors and patterns to express yourself.

Your Field Position

It says a lot on the kind of football facemask you invest. A facemask with several cross bars across the eyes can offer maximum safety. However, this may not suit quarterbacks and wide receivers since they need a clear view in the field for better performance. Such facemasks might affect their visibility. Ensure to check the bar configuration of the facemask as it plays a primary role in performance and level of safety.

A facemask with an open bar configuration enhances better visibility. However, it does not offer protection to your mouth and eyes. Therefore, it is not suitable for linemen positions. Always consider your field position and purchase a facemask that will offer the right balance between protection and performance.

Features and Advancements

Selecting the best football facemasks must depend on advancements and specific features in a certain product. The best facemask has the most recent technological features and advancements. Such advancement enhances more safety, performance, and visibility. Other features to include are flexibility and lightweight materials. Flexible metals have the ability to absorb impacts and reduce the force of concussions affecting your head and face.

Open or Closed Cage

Ensure your face is safe and field vision is clearer. An open facemask is open around your eyes to improve field visibility. With an open cage, you do not have to turn your head to maintain a clear vision. Wide receivers, safeties, and quarterbacks perform best with an open-cage facemask.

Players who deal with tackling, blocking, and all types of hard contact perform best with a closed-cage football facemask. A closed cage enhances more safety especially to the vulnerable parts. It may limit your visibility but ensures maximum protection to your nose and eyes. Injuries tend to occur during a tackle. In addition, a closed cage improves support to the jaw line to prevent mouth and teeth damage.


Most football players prefer facemasks with inbuilt visors. You can buy a tinted visor to keep your eyes safe from bright lights or a clear visor for games under the dark. Tinted visor prevents your opponent from seeing your eyes while playing. It also prevents them from seeing your next move.

How to Clean a Football Facemask

Football players sweat a lot during games and practice. Dust, sweat, and dirt tend to accumulate, making your helmet a breeding site for bacteria. So which are the best ways on how to clean a football facemask?

Remove the ear pads, chinstrap, and the inner padding of the helmet to make the cleaning process convenient and efficient. Prepare a soapy solution by mixing water and Eucalan Lavender. Dip a cotton cloth in the solution and wipe the metals.

Best non-abrasive and mild cleanser

  • Eucalan lavender
  • Puracy Natural Liquid
  • All liquid laundry detergent

Ensure you thoroughly wipe the helmet so no debris and dirt stay behind. Get a soft cloth and wipe any excess dirt on the helmet exterior.

Additional Precautions and Tips

  • Use disinfectant spray like Live Luv Lavish Deodorizer to destroy any sweat that remains after cleaning. Leave it to dry after thorough spraying.
  • Avoid drying in sunlight
  • Avoid abrasive chemicals and cleaners. If mild cleansers are not available, deep a soft cloth in warm water and wipe your facemask.

Questions People Ask

Does a hardware kit include a football facemask?

In most cases, manufacturers do not include the football facemask in a hardware kit. The kit only contains the hardware you need to attach your helmet to the facemask. It includes stainless steel cage T-nuts, cage straps, and stainless steel cage screws. All these are useful in attaching your helmet to the facemask. Therefore, you will need to purchase a football facemask separately.

Does a football facemask include clips to secure the helmet?

This depends on the type of facemask you choose to purchase. If your helmet has at least one facemask bar, then your purchase will include a bigger bracket to help secure the facemask to the bar. The bracket will also include a clip to secure and configure the facemask and its configuration to your helmet.

Which facemask will fit my football helmet?

Thefacemask you purchase must be compatible with your football helmet. Whether you are looking for an adult or youth facemask, find one that will appropriately fit your helmet. If you own a Schutt helmet, then consider purchasing a football facemask from the same brand. You might also find facemasks from other brands that will fit a wide range of shells or helmets.

What kind of facemasks should a player use for different field positions?

Different field positions need different types of football facemasks to ensure the right balance between protection and visibility. Linemen should invest in facemasks with a double wire to ensure the opponents’ fingers do not penetrate their face.

A double-wire facemask protects the jaw, nose, and mouth. It features a vertical bar to enhance more safety. A facemask with more protection and visibility is ideal for wide receivers, quarterbacks, defensive backs, and running backs. The facemask must feature horizontal wires to improve their field visibility.

Which is the right facemask metal?

Selecting the right facemask metal depends on your game responsibilities, field position, and special requirements. Here, you have three options: carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium. They all provide different levels of performance, durability, and weight. Titanium is the lightest and strongest making it the best for those who need the highest safety level. Also, it is the most expensive. If you want an average level of price, lightness, and performance, you can go for stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most affordable material that meets all football standards.

In conclusion, selecting the right football facemask depends on your requirements. Consider the role you need it to play, the brand and type of helmet, your position in the field, and the level of safety you would love to receive. Besides, take into consideration the price of the facemask.

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