6 Best Football Helmets for Quarterbacks

Over the years, the technology used to design protective football helmets has improved. A football player especially quarterbacks love the feeling of being safe on the field. With the best football helmets for quarterbacks, you are guarantee of 100 percent safety, which can help you build confidence and improve your performance on the field.

You cannot afford to miss your next match due to a football helmet that cannot adequately protect your head. You deserve a better life outside football, and therefore, safety should be your priority when selecting a football helmet.

In this article, we will highlight several best football helmets for quarterbacks that will minimize the risk of injuries and help you perform with no fear.

Schutt Air XP Pro

Best football helmets for quarterbacks are what quarterback champions and champions-to-be put on in a football match. The Schutt Air XP Pro comes with a classic design not only as a game-ready helmet but as a safety one too.

The traditional standoff shell material prevents sweat accumulation and makes the helmet feel like it is part of the game. Its design has a role in resisting both low and high impacts through the entire design’s dual-compression TPU material.

The comfortable SUREFIT airliner gives you a pillow-like feeling while the soft chin strap and the attached ROPO-DW facemask make it suitable for use immediately after purchase. The Schutt brand includes research and technology in its manufacture for sports gear, and the Schutt XP Pro is among their best.


  • Attached facemask
  • Single Dual compression layer
  • Traditional shell design
  • Continuous comfort
  • Adequate protection
  • Attached facemask
  • Fewer impacts
  • High-quality material


  • No real demerits

2. Riddell SpeedFlex

It is the most effective football helmet with a five-star rating in the Virginia Tech Ratings. Many describe it as the best football helmet for quarterbacks globally designed by reputable football experts and available in different sizes.

The Flex system reduces the risk of impacts while the Patented Side Impact Protection added in the entire material minimizes the side hits. The Riddell brand suits every player’s needs to give your team a high score and help them play at their peak.

The Riddell SpeedFlex features a polycarbonate material that enhances good airflow inside the helmet.


  • 5-star rating
  • Attached facemask
  • Fewer impacts
  • Breathable
  • Maximum safety and comfort
  • Suitable for handling tackles


  • Difficult to fix the facemask

3. Xenith X2E+

Although it is the ideal helmet for football players, you can rank it as one of the best football helmets for quarterbacks. It has an excellent design to offer high level of protection.

It features a lightweight plastic ABS shell material to provide safety and a shock suspension system to minimize shocks and lessen rotational forces. The chinstraps are adjustable to a customized fit, while the shock absorber technology helps the helmet react to direct hits.

It consists of a silicone fit band that adjusts to your head’s size and shape and attached dual density pads for comfort, a facemask, a hybrid chin cup, six vents shell, and 3XD jaw guards. Such features make the Xenith X2E+ the best protective football helmet for all players.


  • Attached facemask
  • Shock absorbent
  • Customized fit
  • High level of protection and comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent design


  • High price
  • Most suitable only for youths

4. Rawling Momentum Plus

Safety is necessary for all sports, and you cannot take it for granted, especially if you are playing in the quarterback position. A severe injury can affect a young talented player’s football career determined to go far with football both physically and psychologically.

The Rawling Momentum plus is specifically for youths but is also available in adult sizes as the best football helmets for quarterbacks. The heat exchange technology and the customizable fit liner provide you with a comfortable fit and less impact.

The inflation port enables you to adjust the helmet to the right size and face frame while the unique shell design helps you run around the field without any additional weight on your head. However, it lacks an attached facemask on the purchase, although you can get one separately.


  • Customized and comfortable fit
  • Maximum safety
  • Less direct impacts
  • Adjustable fit
  • Lightweight


  • Has no attached facemask

5. Schutt Air Standard V

With the ABS traditional plastic shell design, it is one of the safest football helmets today. The Schutt Air Standard V helmet consists of an EPP, an EVA foam liner system to offer maximum comfort.

The brand includes advanced technology and scientific research to design a product that can provide maximum comfort to all players. Its design is compatible with the size and face frame of your head.

It features a soft chinstrap and plastic buckles for easy adjustments and Air Max Jaw pads to provide extra comfort. It comes with an attached facemask and meets all the NOCSAE specifications. Besides, it is the safest and one of the best football helmets for quarterbacks.


  • Meets all the NOCSAE specifications
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Enhances maximum protection
  • Adjustable and customized fit
  • Compatible with the face frame
  • Its design involves advanced technology and research


  • Prone to scratches

6. NCAA Revolution Speed

Experts have ranked this helmet in several studies and reviews among the safest football helmets for adults. Most professional players use the NCAA Revolution Speed football helmet due to its ability to offer maximum protection against head concussions.

It features a unique facemask and large shell design that distinguishes it from other football helmets. Several professionals are involved in designing the helmet’s shell helmets shell with a four-point chinstrap for easy adjustments. The internal padding ensures more comfort, which is all you need to get in the field without any worries.


  • Official team decals and colors
  • Maximum safety
  • Adjustable fit
  • More comfort
  • Unique design


  • No real demerits

Safety Tips

With all the knowledge we have about brain damages and head concussions, it is vital to invest in the best football helmets for quarterbacks because those are the players who mostly handle tackles in the field.

Your fulfill focus is to have different protective and safe options because high-quality, high-quality helmets must meet the NOCSAE specifications. Most designs are worth checking because they can help reduce the risk of concussions and injuries.

Ensure that the sizing is correct to avoid feeling uncomfortable while playing. Several internet reviews guide you on how to measure the head size and find an ideal helmet. You would never love getting in the field with a helmet that does not fit well.

Visibility should be high when it comes to quarterbacks to help them handle those tricky passes with ease. In case the helmet does not include an attached facemask, ensure you purchase the right one according to your position. Avoid buying used football helmets or those that do not fulfill the NOCSAE specifications to avoid severe accidents or injuries while playing.


Follow the right tricks and tips, and you will not feel disappointed in the football helmet you purchase. Let safety be the top focus in your selection list, and you will take your football career to higher levels.

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