8 Best Football Helmets for Safety

When you play or watch football, you will realize that it is a violent game. One blow on the head would take you down with injury symptoms that most football players go through. However, the best football helmets for safety can help prevent concussions and provide maximum protection.

It is a bit easier to select the best football helmet in the current market due to the availability of several internet reviews. The reviews are transparent on the different types of helmets and the kind of security they offer. Our article will highlight the best football helmets for safety that help reduce head concussions and other football injuries.

1 Schutt Vengeance Z10

It is most suitable for small head sizes to fit snugly and allow maximum stability throughout the entire season. The Schutt Vengeance Z10 is lightweight, and you can run around the field without any additional weight. With its high price, you can repair and recondition it whenever you need a fix, keeping in mind that it is the best helmet for varsity players.


  • Different size options
  • Maximum safety
  • Titanium faceguard lining
  • Maximum stability
  • Lightweight


  • Does not include pump cushion

2 Riddell SpeedFlex

It is one of the most popular helmets due to their maximum comfort and durability. The Riddell SpeedFlex is the best football helmet for safety, especially for quarterbacks and players in skilled positions. The patented flex system minimizes injuries and head collisions to help you participate in a safe match.

Professional high school and college players can use this helmet, considering most internet reviews have it. The Riddell SpeedFlex consists of a floating shock absorption system that helps redistribute impacts throughout the surface. Its manufacturers include all the technological improvements to make it one of the best football helmets for safety.


  • Professional safeguards
  • High level of protection and comfort
  • 5-star rating
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Limited mask varieties

3 Schutt F7

Its first launch was in 2017 and gained popularity among football players, NFL study, and the Virginia Tech rating. It consists of a 3DM system for it to fit both kids and professional players, and since safety is the primary concern, Schutt beats all the corners to offer maximum protection. Its high price makes most users go after keeping in mind that the best football helmets for safety are expensive.


  • Lightweight
  • High rating
  • High level of protection
  • More comfort
  • The best option for most professional players


  • Takes long to ship

4 Vicis Zero 1

The Vicis is another top best football brand that is a priority is the safety of players. Its design has a four-layer system; the Vicis RFLX, the Lode Shell, the Form Liner, and the Arch Shell for extra protection. The Vicis Zero 1 gained a 5-star rating in 2018 and 2017 in Virginia tech after thorough research on the best helmet.

Apart from safety, this helmet enhances peripheral vision because you usually can see 220 degrees, and with this helmet, you only lose 8 degrees of view. Through the LODE shell combined with the Omni-directional motion of the RFLX, this helmet takes in hits and distributes them in all parts of the helmets to protect the player from head injuries.

The in-built protective padding enhances more protection by giving you a comfortable fit. Besides, the chinstrap keeps the head tight to prevent head movements in the helmet.


  • High-quality material
  • Snug fit
  • Peripheral vision
  • Extra protection
  • 5-star rating


  • High price

5 Schutt Pro VTD II

It is the best football helmet for high school players with a stylish design and a variety of colors. Suitable for running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks, its material is of high quality with removable padding for easy cleaning. The Schutt VTD II is a high-performance helmet among the best football helmets for safety. Its price is low, considering it is the best choice for high school football players.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Affordable price
  • Purchase includes jaw pads
  • More protection
  • Removable padding
  • Easy to clean


  • You purchase faceguard separately
  • A lot of chemicals used

6 Schutt Vengeance Pro

It is the best available helmet for players in the current market with a big, durable polycarbonate shell to enhance safety. The Schutt Vengeance Pro comes in different sizes and seven facemask choices for every position. Schutt brand involves high technology in designing its products, and this helmet can be an assurance of high performance.

Among the best football helmets for safety, Schutt Vengeance Pro enhances protection and comfort to help you participate in a match with all the confidence you need. The TPU cushioning takes in impacts and distributes them on the entire surface of the helmet. It is the most exciting feature in this gear, and many refer to it as a shock absorber. With the Schutt Vengeance Pro, you have a perfect helmet that can stop rotational and linear forces from damaging your brain.


  • Has been a success for 100 years
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Seven different facemasks
  • Involves high technology
  • Maximum protection and comfort


  • Customized shipping takes long

7 Xenith Epic

For varsity players, consider this the best football helmet with a high ranking due to its fit lock and a fitness band that comfortably fits any player. For proper ventilation, this helmet consists of 12 vents and 14 different facemasks to suit multiple positions. Most users rank it among the top best due to the maximum safety it offers. You do not have to worry about your positions’ faceguard or sweat accumulation regarding the Xenith Epic.


  • No need for air pumps
  • Highly breathable
  • Maximum safety
  • More comfortable
  • 14 different facemasks


  • Not suitable for a professional player

8 Riddell Precision-Fit

It is one of the most expensive helmets and includes 3D technology in its creation. In case you need to purchase one, they scan your head so that the meshes can fit well with your skull. It involves a 7-step process to design each part of the head. Its interior is entirely different because it consists of combining the Speedflex and Riddell Speed from the past. There is maximum comfort and excellent vision in the field with the Riddell Precision-Fit helmet.


  • High quality
  • Involves 3D technology
  • Improved vision
  • More comfort and safety
  • Breathable


  • High price


Brain specialists explain that young players are prone to head injuries that may cause severe effects as they age, and it is common for children to like football at a young age. You have to ensure your kids’ safety by purchasing the best football helmet.

College and high school football helmets must adhere to the NOCSAE specifications. Head concussions are common and can be life-threatening because one blow in the brain might force you to retire early. You have to be wise when selecting the best football helmet, be it yours or for your kid. Safety should be the leading priority in your selection, keeping in mind that stylish designs and colors will not protect you from injuries.

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