10 Best Football Visors

Visors are additional hardware to the standard helmet. Every player needs to know the value of a football visor. Football players include visors in their gear to keep their eyes safe from bright light, potential gouging and prevent the opposing team from guessing their next move. Some visors can improve field vision and performance. In this article, we have highlighted several best football visors that can help improve your game.

Types of the Best Football Visors

There are three categories of football visors:

  • Clear football visors:  their main role is to protect eyes from injuries. Those made of high-quality materials are anti-fog and anti-scratch resistant, while others only improve visibility.
  • Tinted football visors: they help shield the eyes from direct sunlight. Such visors minimize distractions and prevent the opponent from guessing your next move. However, a player needs to verify if they are legal in their team before purchase.
  • Polarized football visors:  they are the best at blocking the light from the sun. That gives you a clear vision even under hot weather conditions.

1.     Oakley football Eyeshield

It is among the darkest eyeshield that most players use as a visor. Oakley eyeshield transmits only 20 percent of the light that a player uses too bright light environments. It blocks most sun rays to protect your eyes and skin from irritation. Manufacturers apply the Oakley technology in its design to help you make plays without any distraction.

Key features

  • Oakley plutonite synthetic
  • Far lens treatment coating
  • High technology


  • Superior vision and shade
  • Skin and eye protection
  • Less likely to fog
  • Improved performance


  • Some find it flimsy
  • Does not give the smoked look

2.     Lacrosse and Barnett eye-shield

It features shatterproof materials that are scratch and fog-resistant. Barnett visor is available in five different tint options. It is one of the best football visors for youth and high school players. It has a two-clip system for easy and quick removal and attachment. The visor fits both adult and youth helmets. It is one of the best football visors with a 5-star rating.

Key features

  • Universal fit
  • UV and fog coating
  • High-quality materials


  • Very clear
  • Affordable price
  • Good review
  • Scratch and fog-resistant
  • Has five different tint options
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Compatible with adult and youth helmets


  • It is not compatible with all helmets
  • Not suitable for players after a tint for less light intensity

3.     Under Armour clear

It is a clear visor featuring a high-quality design. Its material is fog and scratch-resistant. The under Armour clear provides improved vision in the field making it one the best football visors for professional players. The package comes with quick-release clips to make the installation process easier. All you need to do is align the visor well to the facemask and install the clips. It has two logos on each side at the top of the product and one on each clip. Also, it comes with different colors of logo stickers to help you match your football shoulder pads. However, some users claim that they do not receive the stickers.

Key features

  • Polycarbonate lens material
  • Super-strong Armour sight
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings


  • Compatible with any type of helmet
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Improved vision
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens
  • High-quality design
  • Available in different colors of logo stickers


  • Some buyers claim they do not receive the clips
  • Air bubbles under the lens’ film

4.     Schutt eye shield

It is one of the best football visors that helps keep unnecessary items from your eyesight. The Schutt eye shield provides improved vision and is compatible with any Schutt helmet. It features an entire curve to prevent distortion. Besides, the clear thick visor can fit perfectly well with most helmets from other brands.

Key features

  • Ideal shield curvature
  • The high impact polycarbonate design
  • Compatible with major brand name helmets


  • Clear vision
  • Improved vision
  • Compatible with Schutt helmets and several from other brands
  • Keeps unnecessary items from your sight


  • Players complain about cracks

5.     Grey under Armour

It features a grey tinting. It is suitable for players after a darker shade to keep their eyes safe from bright lights. The grey under Armour has similar features to the under Armour clear except that this has a grey tinting. It is one of the best football visors in the tinted visor market.

Key features

  • Grey tinting
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Armoursight technology


  • Does not require any tools for installation
  • Provides maximum safety from bright lights
  • High-quality design
  • Compatible with most helmets
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens


  • Single color option

6.     Nike youth

Nike is a popular brand that most recognize for designing high-quality products. It is one of the best football visors for youth. Nike youth eye shield is clear with well-shaped Nike optics to prevent it from breaking. Also, it is scratch and shatter-resistant and has rubber washers to reduce the rates of cracking. It is one of the best football visors for youths who need to experience how it feels like wearing a visor.


  • Secure and safe fit
  • Improved field vision
  • High-quality design
  • Ideal for young football players
  • Scratch and shatter-resistant
  • It has rubber washers to reduce cracking


  • Lacks the tinted version
  • Suits only youth players

7.     Nike Gridiron

It is the adult version of the Nike visor with improved features. It features unique optic materials to provide a clear vision under high lighting environments or in the sun. Nike gridiron has a curved structure to fit the facemask well. One of its major benefits is its compatibility with all eight of Riddell’s popular helmets. Therefore, it does not limit you to a single option. Its stickers come in different colors to help you move your visor to any helmet with a different sticker.


  • Fits eight most popular Riddell helmets
  • Absorbs impacts through the facemask attachment
  • Improved vision
  • Its stickers come in a wide range of colors


  • May not fit well on a different helmet

8.     EliteTek Tinted

EliteTek brand specializes in tinted visors, although the EliteTek tinted provides a clear vision. It blocks out the UV light to protect the player from bright light. The visor features a polycarbonate material with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. Although there is no 100 percent scratch-proof, EliteTek tinted ensures minimal scratches.


  • Includes a video on how to install
  • Less fog and scratches
  • Compatible to any helmet with the two clip system
  • High level of safety from bright light
  • Clear vision


  • Does not suit collegiate or high school players

9.     Bangerz Provu

It offers an extra-wide vision to have a clear view of what is happening around in the field. Bangers provu features a high technology to prevent UV rays from distracting your eyes. The anti-fog and anti-scratch coating gives it high-quality features. However, its installation is quite difficult. The clips included in the package need screwing for proper attachment.


  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • Features high technology
  • High level of safety from bright lights
  • Full view of the field


  • Flimsy material
  • The basic and simple look

10.                        Unique sports clear

 Another basic visor that offers a comfortable fit regardless of the helmet you wear is the unique sports clear. It can provide you with a clear, broad vision and keep you safe from all injuries. With this visor, there are no stickers to match your favorite color.


  • Lens eliminates bright light
  • Fewer chances of cracking
  • Fits most helmets
  • Easy fit
  • Clear vision
  • Maximum protection from injuries


  • Looks flimsy
  • No stickers for color matching and design

How to select the best football visors

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best football visor for your playing style. Such factors include fit, purpose, price point, and lenses.


Why do you need a visor? Football players purchase visors to better see the field, keep their eyes safe from the sun, or protect injuries from their opponents’ fingers. Figure out why you need a visor before you consider any other factor.


Most users assume that designers create equal fits of visors. First, check the helmet model to confirm if the visor works. Then, check if your team rules allow the visor you are about to purchase.


It is is another primary factor to consider before you make a purchase. There are different levels of visibility. Before you purchase a visor, look through the visor, and rate the level of view. This exercise will help you ensure that you can use your peripherals without turning your head to the right or left. A clear vision is one of the greatest weapons a player can possess in the field.

Price point

You need to have a budget before you begin any search. That way, you will limit your options and pick the right visor. Do not budget too low to avoid purchasing a poor quality visor. Also, if you set a high price, you might end up getting something you could have bought at a lower price. Set a friendly budget for your visor.  

Benefits of having the best football visors

When designers first developed the football visor, it intended to protect the player’s eyes from the game’s dangers. Nowadays, visors have become part of football gear. Below are some of the top benefits of having the best football visors.

1 Eye protection

They prevent eye injuries. During high impact collisions, players are in danger of gouging their eyes. Also, football cleats are another factor to consider when wearing an open helmet. A good visor covers your eyes and absorbs vigorous pokes and blows.

2 Sifting light

Tinted visors help reduce the brightness of the sun in a sunny climate. It prevents distractions and improves field vision. Such features help improve your field performance and reduce injuries.

3 Concealing eyes

Opponents cannot guess your next move. Defenders can only read your body movements. That assures you of a successful match.

4 style

Some players wear football visors to express themselves. To others, wearing full football attire helps them win some individual style points.

How to clean football visors

Football visors feature a polycarbonate material that protects the player. Just like cleats, helmets, and jerseys, it is essential to clean football visors as well.

Step 1: First, remove the chinstrap from the helmet. Add warm water in the bucket and mix with dish soap.

Step 2: put your helmet in the mixture and hold it under the back rim with one hand. Using a wet cloth, wipe the surface of the visor to remove dust or dirt. Rinse the cloth again and wipe the inner side of the visor.

Step 3: repeat the second procedure to ensure you get rid of all the dust on the visor’s surface. Rinse the inner and outer surfaces of the helmet thoroughly.

Step 4: use a soft cotton cloth to dry your visor. Ensure you dry both sides. Then, you can re-attach the chinstrap.

How to install a visor

Installing a football visor should be a simple process. If you do not have the release clips, you may need a screwdriver. First, you will need to undo screws to release the facemask so you can find the best fit. Unscrew the quick release clips on your visor and align it correctly on the facemask. Ensure the end opening lines up between the facemask bars. Tighten your facemask again and line up the clips with the hole in the visor. Tighten the screws and ensure the visor does not move around.    

How to prevent helmet visor fogging

Condensation is the primary cause of fogging. Once you cover your head with the helmet, the air you breathe out accumulates inside the visor. It creates fog or mist. The condition of mist or fog is worse during cold weather conditions. Below are several solutions to help prevent fog creation inside your helmet visor.

Anti-fog inserts

These are thin, clear plastic sheets designers fix in the inners side of the visor. They prevent fogging by controlling the condensation. The inserts feature a hydrophilic layer that absorbs moisture and maintains a clear vision.

Pinlock lens

You can install this type of insert in the main visor. It ensures that your visor does not fog during wet or cold days. It features a clear organic material built using a silicon edge. To attach, lock the lens between the plastic pins at both sides of the main visor. The visor creates a strong bond with the silicon edge to prevent moisture from accumulating between those two areas. One of the major benefits of pin-lock is its ability to keep the player warm during cold times. No moisture will condense if it remains warmer than the helmet visor.

Anti-fog sprays

There are several treatments and anti-fog sprays available on the market. They all prevent the fog from forming inside your helmet visor. Some of them feature a chemical surfactant that breaks water surface tension. This, therefore, evaporates water to offer a clear view. To apply the anti-fog spray, clean the helmet visor, spray the solution, and let it dry.

Anti-fog coating

It is not a permanent solution but lasts longer than the anti-fog spray. Also, it works best for those who do not want to reapply the spray before every use. Manufacturers apply the coating in the process of designing football visors. In most cases, the manufacturer may apply several hydrophilic ingredients to get rid of fogging on the visor.

Anti-fog wipes

One of the best ways to prevent fogging is repelling water and cleaning the grime. Use an anti-fog wipe to remove dirt buildup and moisture. The wipes prevent fog from settling in the visor.

Water repellents

Water repellents have chemicals that prevent fogging in your football visor. Such repellents are also applicable in glasses.

Increasing ventilation

It is one of the major ways to prevent fogging. You can open your visor to let out any exhaled air. Open the visor slightly using its notch. Also, you can increase ventilation by opening the vents around the chin. This will dispel any exhaled air away from the visor. Football helmets with removable chin bars are the best since you only need to remove that piece for proper ventilation.

Cleaning with dishwashing soap

It is the cheapest way to prevent fogging on your football visor. Add a small amount of dishwashing soap on a soft rag and rub the visor gently until it gets clear. The visor will not fog up even when you directly breathe on it.

Helmet designers take fogging seriously since improper vision can lead to accidents in the field. There are several solutions to this problem. Ensure you get the best to improve field performance.

Frequently asked questions about the best football visors for youths    

Most parents are new to the sport, making it quite challenging to select the best football visors for their kids. Below are some of the questions parents ask about football visors for youths.

What types of football visors are available?

Most popular visors come from popular brands like Under Armour, Nike, and Oakley. Visors are available in different coloring options like tinted visors, reflective mirror visors, and colored visors.

Which is the best football visor?

Most leagues do not allow reflective, colored, or tinted visors. All the popular brands we have mentioned make the best football visors. The visor you choose will depend on your child’s preferences and playing styles.

Are there visors with UV protection?

Several clear visors still offer UV protection. Before purchase, check the product description to see if it can block UVC, UVA, and other light forms.

Is it possible to get football visors for players with vision problems?

It is difficult to design prescription visors. Visors feature a piece of curved material installed to the helmet. Due to the distance from the eyes and the curve, it is difficult to design corrective visors. Players with vision problems need to wear contact lenses or sports goggles.

Football visors are not prescriptive. They have too much curvature for a higher RX solution. To accommodate your prescription in the match, you can wear prescription football goggles.

How do football visors enhance vision?

Apart from reducing glare from sunlight and stadium lights, visors are available in several colored tints. A tinted visor lens enhances colors, depth perception, and contrast. Such features help you track and spot the ball easily.

How to remove scratches from football visors

Peeling paint, scratches, and dents are common among football visors. If you wear a football visor to protect your face and improve vision, you need to examine your shield after every match. Repair any scratches and remove dirt to maintain high field vision and durability.

First, loosen the screws on the face place and remove the visor from the helmet. Clean the large debris and soak your visor for about five minutes to soften the remaining dirt. Wipe the visor using a soft wet cloth, rinse, and let it dry.

Apply three or two drops of eyeglass cleaning detergent and wipe with a soft cloth. Choose a cleaner formulation for coated lenses such as formula MC to remove minor scratches. Get eyeglasses reconditioning kit to help correct primary scratches. The kit includes a scratch filler, cleaning solution, and secondary applicator.

Use the solution to clean your visor. This process will expose the bare plastic and remove special coatings. Wipe the visor and apply a thin layer of scratch filler on the damaged parts. Place it on a clean surface to dry. To deep scratches, apply a second layer of scratch filler.


For a last-minute repair, you can clean your visor using furniture polish. Apply the polish, wipe, and remove any excess residue of the polish. The process will remove minor scratches so you can get back in the field.


If your visor has larger pieces missing or has deep gouges, take it to an expert. Such damages can destroy the original structure of your visor.


Think through all the factors before you make the final decision. Do not settle for less, regardless of whether they are the most stylish around. The worst thing you can do is to purchase a visor you do not like. 

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