14 Best Football Facemasks and Shields 2022

It is essential to get the best football facemask that aligns with your protection needs and position. A thin piece of metal is the one thing that stands between your face and the opponent. The vital piece protects your face from the actions you encounter in the field. The best football facemasks control the risk … Read more

How to Clean Football Shoulder Pads

Football shoulder pads get smelly after long hours of intense practice or training. Regular cleaning keeps them safe from bacteria growth and bad odor. You can choose to clean your pair once or twice a week. However, some players choose to clean their shoulder pads once the football season ends. Proper care is always important … Read more

How to Clean Football Girdles

Football girdles are delicate, but offer high level of protection on the field. Players should learn various ways on how to clean football girdles to avoid accumulation of sweat, which may cause unhealthy conditions. When sweat accumulates after a match or excessive training, girdles tend to outdo. Manufacturers design various types of football girdles and … Read more

How to Clean Football Mouthguard

Mouthguards are the best solution to avoid damaging your dental structure. It is an essential gear in enhancing safety to football players. Every player needs to learn how to clean football mouthguard, give it proper care, and to improve protection from bacteria. Discoloration on football mouthguards is a sign of improper cleaning. If possible, clean … Read more

Interesting Facts About Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill Born on March 1, 1994, in Lauderhill, Florida Hill is son to Derrick Shaw (father) and Anesha Sanchez (mother). He attended Coffee High school and later West Alabama College. Tyreek weighs 84 kilograms and of 1.78 meters of height. He was the High school athlete of the year in 2012 after winning both … Read more

8 Best Football Mouthguard for Youths

Chances of injury are always present with young players, especially if left alone in the field. The best thing you can do is ensure they are in the right football gear and hope for a good outcome. When engaging in sports like football, one needs the utmost protection by investing in high-quality helmet, cleats, and … Read more