How to Clean Football Girdles

Football girdles are delicate, but offer high level of protection on the field. Players should learn various ways on how to clean football girdles to avoid accumulation of sweat, which may cause unhealthy conditions.

When sweat accumulates after a match or excessive training, girdles tend to outdo. Manufacturers design various types of football girdles and claim they are the best. Unfortunately, none of them provides the systematic guide of cleaning the gear.

However, no matter the type of girdles, it is essential to consider cleaning descriptions on the product to avoid damaging the material used.

It will be a waste if you invest a lot in a football girdle that will serve you for a lesser period due to improper care. Since one can clean their football girdles using various ways, this article highlights some steps involved.

How to Clean Football Girdles


The first step is to consider the type of girdles you have. If it is an integrated girdle, then the pads are inbuilt to the real fabric. Therefore, you cannot remove them before cleaning. If the girdle is not the integrated type, ensure you remove the pads and clean them separately. Look for stains, especially in white girdles.

Stain Removal

Fabrics respond differently to stain removal products. You can apply Napisan on the stained area before you soak the girdle in hot water as per instructions on the packet.

Although Napisan does not work well with grass stains, carpet spot remover responds well to such colors, especially football girdles.

White girdles need a healthy soak with bleach. In a bucket with enough water to cover the girdle, add a cup of regular detergent and bleach.

Let it soak overnight before a regular wash. Do not add bleach directly to the stained area to avoid discoloration.

Dilute it with water before use. In case the girdles keep floating above the water level every time you soak, try weighing them with a towel.

Tips for Tough Stains

Football players can get tough stains like mud or grass on their pads, especially after a rough match. The following are steps you can follow to remove such stains.

  • Fill the bucket or sink with warm water and add sports detergents like presto fabric softener.
  • Place your stained pads in the bucket and leave it for about 30 minutes or an hour, depending on how stained they are.
  • Remove the pads from the solution and scrub the deep dirt and sweat. Then you can proceed to regular cleaning.

You can try a 50:50 mixture of water and rubbing alcohol to remove grass stains by rubbing it in before the regular cleaning.

How to Clean Girdle Pads

Apart from learning how to clean football girdles, players need to know how to clean their pads. However, this is only applicable to non-integrated on-integrated girdles. It would help if you did not clean girdle pads in a washing machine like other pants since they are the most delicate. With warm water and detergent, wipe the places gently and let them soak overnight. Rather than rubbing your pads vigorously, wipe the surface-level dirt and let it soak for an effective outcome. If they still have a terrible odor, try using Lysol spray since bacterial accumulation might cause it. Although the pads are behind the outer fabric, you cannot avoid stains. If the places stain, use stain-removing products.

Cleaning Football Body Pads

This is another step in cleaning your football gear. Remove the belt and pads from the pants and put them in the washer. Set it on cold water with bleach-free detergent. You can wash Jerseys, pad, and pants together and dry them on low heat.

For non-removable pads, you only have to remove the belt, launder them in the washer, and proceed to clean. Football pads must dry completely before storage to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Washing the Girdle

Although you can clean girdles in the washer, you have to be careful because the polyester material used to design them is fragile. Ensure to clean them separately on a gentle, cold wash. Football girdles react well to cleaning products like oxi clean.

Make it a routine to clean your football girdles. Ensure you give it proper care the same way it keeps you safe in the field. Keep in mind that bacteria growth might lead to a staph infection, skin irritation, and MRSA.

If your kid sustains some injuries during the match, below are some tips you can use to remove bloodstains.

  • Soak the pads in a mixture of water and ammonia, rinse, and launder them in the washer set on cold water.
  • Pour white vinegar on the stain and let it for about 15 minutes. Repeat the process as required and proceed to regular cleaning. You can take the pads out in the sun to dry.

Also, you can pour some cola on the stain and soak it overnight once you get home. After cleaning, hang it outside and ensure it dries well before storage.


Football girdles tend to shrink or wrinkle in the heat, and that is why cold washing is essential. Do not dry it in direct sunlight or the dryer. Ironing is worse since it leads to deterioration and less period of use. The ideal places are under your patio or on shady outdoor areas. However, avoid dark places such as the basement. Have a cool storage place.

Storage Tips for Football Girdles and Body Pads

Without a garage or basement, storage can be quite tricky since every player’s wish is to have all his football equipment in order. You may consider using laundry bags rather than leaving your pads and girdles scattered. This helps you identify them easily whenever you are in a hurry. Also, it saves space because jerseys, pillows, and pants can be stuck in the same bag.

Setting up a corkboard using a new wall section is another unique storage method. That makes your gear easily accessible and visible. Besides, you can create plank areas or hang hooks for large items. The corkboard helps you keep all your football stuffs in one place.A shelving unit is also an option for storage. It allows you to keep many items in the created space. Besides, you can store large items provided you allow a more considerable space between the shelves.

Keeping your pads in a duffle bag is another storage option that allows you to grab the bag and leave when in hurry.Besides, your football girdles and body pads are safe from any damage.

Note that the storage option you select for your football gear depends on the space you create and the equipment you need to store. With many options to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect storage for your football girdles and body pads.


If your girdles are not getting clean, improve your products’ strength, not the level of heat. Girdles can resist most cleaning products, and the secret to a super look is getting the right product combination. Football girdles are different. Try several products and get the best for your gear.

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