5 Best Football Helmets for Lineman

In the current days, football helmets manufacturers have involved new technology and conducted thorough research to improve the safety of football players especially those playing the lineman positing. Some brands are struggling to market their products while others have already picked up. That makes it difficult for players to choose the best football helmets for … Read more

How to Clean Football Equipment

Football needs essential gear like cleats, helmets, and shoulder pads. The bad odor emitting from your football equipment may contain bacteria from skin cells, sweat, and sometimes blood. The bacteria tend to grow and multiply in the equipment since it is wet, confined, and warm. To prevent staph infection, skin irritations, and MRSA, make cleaning … Read more

How Much Money NFL SUPER BOWL Losers and Winners Make

Most NFL players’ financial statuses can be complicated. There is no full guarantee to their contracts but they receive annual salaries in the regular season. To earn big in the event, it takes months of thorough teamwork. The winning team walks away with more than prestige. According to the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, Players can … Read more

10 Best Folding Chair for Sporting Events

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10 Best Football Visors

Visors are additional hardware to the standard helmet. Every player needs to know the value of a football visor. Football players include visors in their gear to keep their eyes safe from bright light, potential gouging and prevent the opposing team from guessing their next move. Some visors can improve field vision and performance. In … Read more

14 Best Football Facemasks and Shields 2022

It is essential to get the best football facemask that aligns with your protection needs and position. A thin piece of metal is the one thing that stands between your face and the opponent. The vital piece protects your face from the actions you encounter in the field. The best football facemasks control the risk … Read more