How to Clean Football Mouthguard

Mouthguards are the best solution to avoid damaging your dental structure. It is an essential gear in enhancing safety to football players. Every player needs to learn how to clean football mouthguard, give it proper care, and to improve protection from bacteria.

Discoloration on football mouthguards is a sign of improper cleaning. If possible, clean it after every use since the dental debris and plaque that usually build in the teeth might shift to the Mouthguard. This article highlights various ways on how to clean football mouthguard, care, and store in the right place.

Morning Routine

Cleaning sports mouth guard every morning or rinsing it after every use gets rid of any cleaner residue. A clean towel works best in drying the guard instead of shaking. Also, you can place the guard on a clean surface and allow it to dry for about 30 minutes. Once you are done, store it properly until the next use.

Getting used to a morning routine prevents mould and bacteria growth. Besides, it enhances durability and prevents bad smells. Some players prefer cleaning their guard once a week. However, it is also a meaningful way to get rid of bacteria growth and germs.

Various Ways on How to Clean Football Mouthguard

 It is advisable to try various ways and select the one that suits your guard. Using Hydrogen peroxide is one of the unique ways of cleaning football Mouthguard and other gear like gloves. Experts recommend that you use only 3 per cent of it. Soak the guard with hydrogen peroxide or use it to rinse for about 15 minutes and dry before storage.

Soap and water

Football players need to learn how easier and effective it can be to clean Mouthguard using warm water and soap. In case you prefer soap and water, ensure to include Efferdent Anti-Bacteria Denture soap. It is more effective in removing tiny germs compared to other products.

A Toothbrush and toothpaste

Household items such as toothbrush and toothpaste can make cleaning much more comfortable. When using a toothbrush, ensure its bristles are soft, and the toothpaste is not abrasive. Brush the Mouthguard gently, rinse, and dry before storage. Apart from brushing, a saturated solution could also help in keeping your guard clean and fresh.

Provided you need a superior look on your football mouthguard, get the best non-alcoholic dental cleaners, and your guard will gain a fancy look in a simple soak.

Dental Sanitizing Device

Most players regard these as the best choice for cleaning football guards. They are more popular and an excellent option for someone after a sparkling guard. You can use the sonic or ultraviolet product. The method is expensive, but by investing in it, you can increase the lifespan of the guard.

Commercial Cleansers

Several manufacturers produce products such as Freshield retainer that are best for cleaning mouthguards and avail them at the nearest dental section for their clients. Although you do not have to rely on the products, they contribute a lot in making the guard clean.

Bleach Based

A mild mixture of water and household bleach can help deodorize and disinfect your Mouthguard. Also, it gets rid of stains but is most likely to fade off your gear.

Vinegar Based

Soaking your Mouthguard in a mild solution of white vinegar and water helps remove the hard deposits on dental appliances. Besides, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the residue or to soften it for a more comfortable wash.

Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning tablets and powders are the other practical and common ways of cleaning football Mouthguard. The products are excellent in removing stains and sanitizing the guard.

However, before applying the cleaning products, it is essential to consult with the right dentist because every product has its advantages and disadvantages that might lead to results you never expected.

Dentists have the right products for cleaning Mouthguard. They tend to use similar products to the ones they use to clean their dental tools. Based on the material used, an expert will advise you on the best way on how to clean a football mouthguard.

The Right Way to Store Football Mouthguard?

It is essential to carry your Mouthguard in a mouthguard case to prevent dirt from accumulating once mixed with football cleats or gloves. A perforated space is also vital to enhance the constant flow of air as well as firm enough to avoid damages. Football mouthguards should be stored in a moisture-free and clean container with ventilation.

However, it would be a waste to keep your Mouthguard clean if you do not clean its case. You can use products such as dazzlepro and let it dry to prevent bacteria growth. Cases tend to wear out quickly, and therefore you should replace it every eight or six months.


Avoid soaking Mouthguard overnight

Do not deep Mouthguard in the dishwasher

Never boil it before cleaning because it might lead to change in shape.

Importance of keeping a football Mouthguard clean

Exposing your Mouthguard to bacterial present in the mouth makes it a breeding site for any other bacterial around. Every item that gets in the mouth needs cleaning and failure to that, chances of bacteria growth and foul odour are high. In case you lack the right cleaning tools or fail to clean, a yellow layer forms around the guard, accompanied by a foul smell.

Keeping your football Mouthguard clean saves you money because you do not have to get a replacement before the end of the season—frequent replacement costs. Besides, your teeth are safe and healthy.

General Tips

For a perfect scrub, you can use Avistar retainer-Tablets daily. Avoid cleaning your Mouthguard using hot water, as mentioned earlier, to avoid deformation. Direct sunlight can also deform the mouth guard. Besides, you have to keep in mind that Mouthguards do not last long.

Get an extra mouthguard after every season to maintain an excellent fit and quality hygiene. Besides, holding yourself from chewing the guard can help extend its lifetime. The pressure of chewing will lead to breakage or warping. It can also lead to earlier replacements before the season is over.

After and before wearing football mouthguard, ensure you thoroughly brush and rinse your teeth to avoid bacteria from spreading to the guard. Also, you can use Sova Fresh Freshener to give your Mouthguard a fresh smell.

Final Thoughts

It is relatively easy to take care of your football mouthguard provided you follow the right hygiene process. Ensure you benefit well from your guard by giving it the proper care. As long as you have the right supplies, it will serve you well and for an extended period.

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