How to Clean Football Equipment

Football needs essential gear like cleats, helmets, and shoulder pads. The bad odor emitting from your football equipment may contain bacteria from skin cells, sweat, and sometimes blood. The bacteria tend to grow and multiply in the equipment since it is wet, confined, and warm. To prevent staph infection, skin irritations, and MRSA, make cleaning … Read more

How to Clean Football Shoulder Pads

Football shoulder pads get smelly after long hours of intense practice or training. Regular cleaning keeps them safe from bacteria growth and bad odor. You can choose to clean your pair once or twice a week. However, some players choose to clean their shoulder pads once the football season ends. Proper care is always important … Read more

How to Clean Football Receiver Gloves

When sweat piles after a thorough training or match, your gloves can outdo. Whether the beating is because of sweat, various contacts with grass, dirt, or any other playing area, your glove will need constant attendance to maintain its utility. Although you can re-use your smelly gloves, it is crucial to wash them often to … Read more