Nfleads Enthusiasts has created a privacy policy statement to show its commitment to the users. Below are notes that will help you get more information about it.

Use of Information and Accumulation

You can check our website without revealing your identity or any private details. However, you may decide to give us your private details that we tend to safeguard through whichever method you use to deliver your information.

Personal details refer to any information that we may use to expose your identification including your names, address, and any other detail connected to you. If we are not satisfied with the information, we may acquire more regarding your internet address, the area you checked our site from, the time and date of the visit, and the services you ordered.

We may prefer to combine the information you give us with the one we acquired publicly from our website and that from third party associates and partners for your identification.

Utilization of Your Personal Information

Nfleads Enthusiasts may use information you send in the following ways:

  • Endorse your merchandise and offer the services you requested
  • Verify and trace your request
  • Act on your demands and request
  • Find and examine your personal information on mistakes, accuracy, and omissions.
  • Introduce and differentiate maltreat and misinterpretation.
  • Improve our website, limited time struggles, performance, marketing, product delivery, and general client meeting
  • Identify your product and management improvement
  • Understand your improvements, failures, behavior, and interests
  • Contact you concerning the products that we consider may be important to you.


Visiting our website gives you a chance to get some ‘cookies’ on your gadget.

A cookie is a small satisfying document containing information that we investigate to motivate you to join our websites, gather actual data, and improve your online experience. Currently, we use cookies on this website for buying data on secure segments, identifying your abilities on your web program, maintaining current login, following restricted time ads, and giving your PC a noticeable identifier to produce insights concerning the utility of our website.

Most device programs recognize cookies but you can modify your program settings to stop cookies. Besides, you can eject these cookies by following the headings given in your document on the internet program. If you choose not to recognize our cookies anymore, visit our website but we might limit you from some services and elements.

Google Advertising

Our website has a partnership with the Google Adsence program. Besides, Google uses cookies to serve the advertisement it displays on its partner’s websites. We may drop a cookie on your end user’s browser if you visit a Google partner’s website. You can visit Google Privacy for more details.


We may share your personal information with partners we trust under specific conditions.

Benefit Providers: we use our benefit supplier trustees to supervise specific tasks for us such as Webhosting, satisfaction, marketing, shipping, messaging, installment preparing, and many more. We do not allow these benefits suppliers to use personal information for any purpose other than the one stated by Nfleads Enthusiasts.

Exceptional Events: In case you participate in an unusual incident like a challenge, Nfleads Enthusiasts may share your private details with these associations to deal with the occasion. These third-party trustees do not use your information for any other reason. Also, we may accept trusted partners to give you information about products that may be important to you.

Partners: Glove Mag may send information to specific partners. In those conditions, we might share or strongly refer the information to them so that will inspire such people to contact you concerning products and managements that may be important to you.

Types of Information Collected

We can collect and temporarily store the following information about your visit on our website:

  • Pages viewed
  • Details about the program used and work structure
  • Services viewed and requested
  • Your location and internet address
  • Time and date
  • Internet address of the website that joined you to our website

Such information measures the number of clients to various sections of our site and enhances site elements, scope, and association. Clients should not use it an example to site route with their private guests.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

In case you contact us your personal information via email, we use it to respond to your message and provide you with products or data you requested. We preserve Personal Identifiable Information in a clean database. Contractual workers from outside may have access to this information to respond to your comment or question.

These workers should secure the information as we do. Occasionally, we direct studies regarding the kind of questions our clients send us to them. Such studies enhance our websites and make our clients’ needs favorable. We do not exchange or share personal information with any non-member unless the law demands.

Connections to Other Sites

Website can connect to other internet sites to offer useful information such that when you visit a different site, you expose your device to the security system of a new site.

Special information about children under 14

Nfleads Enthusiasts does not acquire information about children under the age of 13 and if this happens, then we delete the data from our archives. A minor can only use our website under parental guidance.


Our website may link you to third-party websites that are not in our control or security system.


Nfleads Enthusiasts focuses on ensuring personally identifiable information that you send us. We use both electronic and physical security measures, organized systems, and valid guesses to safeguard your information from non-members. When we share sensitive data on the internet, we employ the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption innovation. Although we struggle to make sure your data is secure, there is no 100% guarantee security or warrant of your data.

Accessing and Updating your Information

Suppose the information Nfleads Enthusiasts has on your changes, accumulates or you may want to change or erase it, we will give you the access to do so depending on permission given by the law.